Transit Drop-Off Point Entrance

Make your voice heard in opposition to the Transit Drop-Off Point entrance in the Highlands!

Some things you can do are:

  • Send an email to the City Council
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  • Comment at a City Council Meeting
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You should personalize this email with your name and your neighborhood that you live in.

Example Email

Dear City Council Member:

I am writing to express my great concern regarding the entrance to the “Kiss & Ride” Transit Drop-Off Point that is currently planned for the Highlands Neighborhood as part of the NE 85th Street Station Plan Project. This planned entrance to the “Kiss & Ride” will create significant problems for Highlands’ residents including traffic, parking problems, and noise.

Having the single access point to the “Kiss & Ride” in a residential neighborhood is problematic and misguided. The “Kiss & Ride” will significantly increase traffic entering and exiting the Highlands. The 4-way stop at the intersection of 114th Avenue NE and 87th Street is already busy, especially at rush hour, and the volume of cars and traffic will increase exponentially with drivers traveling to and from the “Kiss & Ride”.

The “Kiss & Ride” entrance in the Highlands will also clog our streets as drivers wait to pick up commuters, creating a dangerous situation for residents. Commuters with no connection to the Highlands will park on our residential streets and in front of our homes, leaving no space for homeowners and their guests. They will be free to park all day, every day on 116th Avenue NE and adjacent streets without restriction.

There is an alternative to this ill-conceived plan. Access to the “Kiss & Ride” should be relocated outside of the Highlands, to another corner of the I-405/85th Street interchange, sparing residents from unnecessary levels of traffic, parking complications, and high noise.

Thank you.

A concerned resident.