Google Towers Information

Say NO to buildings 2x as tall as Fir trees

Did you know the City of Kirkland plans to increase the maximum zoning height along 85th street? In the area near the I-405/85th Street interchange, the proposal is to increase that height to 250 feet (roughly 20 stories). Of the cities neighboring Kirkland, only downtown Bellevue has buildings this tall. Buildings of this height will tower over the trees and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The City of Kirkland is working on an agreement with Google to allow at least 4 – 250-foot towers on the land currently occupied by the Lee Johnson car dealership. Approximately 9,000 people would occupy these buildings – that equates to a tenth of the residents of Kirkland.

Kirkland has no plans to increase the traffic capacity on NE 85th Street or 120th Ave NE -- the road from 85th Street to Lake Washington High School. This will only lead to more traffic on the already very congested 85th Street. The Lake Washington High School students will have to compete with the 9,000 Google tower occupants to get to school every day.

Don't let the city get away with these excessively tall buildings. Let the Kirkland City Council know your thoughts on their proposal.

Stop the City from making this change!

Things you can do are:

  • Send an email to the City Council

  • Share this site with friends & neighbors!

  • Speak at City Council Meetings