Save Your Neighborhood

Did you know that Kirkland is voting on plans that will significantly and irreversibly redefine the 85th Street Corridor, the Highlands, Rose Hill, and Lake Washington High School campus? Make your voice heard before June 28th!

See what happened at the June 20 Community Meeting!

Rezoning Around I-405 and 85th Street

Did you know the City of Kirkland plans to increase the maximum zoning height along 85th street? The City has discounted important impacts this plan will have on congestion, housing, parks, schools, and public safety in this area.

In the area near the I-405/85th Street interchange, the proposal is to increase that height to 250 feet (roughly 20 - 25 stories). Of the cities neighboring Kirkland, only downtown Bellevue has buildings this tall. Buildings of this height will tower over the trees and the surrounding neighborhoods. Take action before the 28th so this irrational plan doesn't irreparably change Kirkland's nature.

Transit Drop-Off Point in the Highlands

In conjunction with WSDOT’s plan to significantly redevelop the 85th Street interchange, the plan is to create a transit drop-off point, commonly known as a “Kiss & Ride”, located in the Highlands on 116th Ave. NE. The access for this “Kiss & Ride” will be through the main Highlands entrance, at the intersection of 116th Avenue NE and 87th Street.

Creating a busy access point to the “Kiss & Ride” through our residential neighborhood is problematic and misguided. The “Kiss & Ride” will significantly increase traffic entering and exiting the Highlands. The 4-way stop at the intersection of 114th Avenue NE and 87th Street (see map below) is already a busy intersection, especially at rush hour, and the volume of cars and traffic will increase exponentially with the “Kiss and Ride”.

The “Kiss and Ride” will lead to clogged residential streets as drivers wait to pick up bus passengers. There are no plans to add parking, so many bus riders will drive themselves and park on residential streets in the Highlands. The City has indicated it will not institute residential parking permits. Therefore, bus riders will be free to park their cars all day, every day on 116th Ave NE and adjacent streets.

However, there are alternatives. Access to the “Kiss & Ride” could be relocated to another corner of the I-405/85th Street interchange where it will not impact a residential neighborhood. Tell the City of Kirkland how you feel.


In the map, the 4-way stop at the entrance to the Highlands Neighborhood is marked. This intersection will become congested with the current plans.

In the picture below, the proposed 'Kiss & Ride' is circled in red. This connects to 116th Ave NE in the Highlands Neighborhood. The map is facing West.